Responsibilities of Production Team Leaders

Manufacturing plants depend on production team leaders to ensure efficiency and quality in the assembly of manufactured goods. Production team leaders can be found on-site offering their leadership skills and knowledge to team members – for activities such as manufacturing, processing, operating, packing or unloading. A high level of responsibility is expected of team leaders, because the safety and productivity of their team reflects on their ability to lead.

Leadership to Team Members

The production team leader is responsible for being a leadership resource to team members, providing knowledge, experience, motivation, support and advice. The leader is responsible for knowing proper procedures for workers to follow and ensuring that they comply. The leader might be called upon to share special industry techniques on how to use tools and equipment, or tips on how to improve quality or speed of production. The production team leader encourages team effort and supportive attitudes between workers.

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Production team leaders instruct their teams on the proper use of safety equipment and emergency procedures should they be necessary at any point during the production process. Production team leaders must ensure that their team members are supplied with protective gear, including safety glasses, gloves and protective outer clothing. The team leader is responsible for safety checks on all equipment operated throughout the production process, as well as monitoring activities of workers during production.

Security and sanitation of the manufacturing plant is also a concern for team leaders. If incidents occur compromising safety or security, the team leader reports them.

Quality Assurance Standards

Production team leaders are responsible for meeting quality assurance standards as set by industry programs, such as ISO and Six Sigma. They must also make sure that all product specifications and manufacturing procedures comply with regulations, such as from the FDA. The production team leader is responsible for setting high standards to reach production goals, ensuring that higher quantities produced do not compromise quality. If defects are discovered in products, it's the team leader's responsibility to come up with solutions.

Administrative Tasks and Reporting

Another aspect of a production team leader's job responsibilities involves administrative activities. They must be able to use computer programs to keep track of budgets and equipment inventories and to produce reports. They also are responsible for maintaining regular communication with interrelated departments, such as distribution and engineering, to plan and execute production goals efficiently. As a supervisor, part of the production team leader's administrative responsibility involves keeping tabs on worker scheduling and attendance, training workers and conducting performance reviews.