What Is a Post Appraisal?

A post appraisal, also known as an employee review, is a regular interview that assesses an employee’s performance, usually to determine whether or not the employee will receive a bonus, raise or promotion or be retained. The key to successful employee post appraisals is setting up review parameters in advance and communicating them to your workers.

Setting Measurements

  1. Every employee should have a written job description. It allows an employee to review his performance on an ongoing basis so he can make changes necessary to to meet your expectations. Work with department managers and employees to create realistic job descriptions in order to avoid problems. As a general rule, employees should never be surprised when they are demoted, fired or denied a bonus or raise if their performance goals were communicated to them correctly in advance.

Tracking Real-Time Performance

  1. Don’t wait until the end of a year to review employees. If you conduct formal, annual reviews that result in compensation or employment changes, then schedule quarterly evaluations of each worker’s performance to see whether or not each is keeping on track. Meeting with each employee’s supervisor or checking performance reports, such as sales or production numbers, accomplishes the evaluations.

Preparing for a Post Appraisal

  1. Preparation for an employee's post appraisal involves reviewing the job description she was given. Collect data pertaining to each parameter of the job description. If, for example, the employee was given a sales goal, checking with the sales department will determine whether or not the employee met her goal. Human resources will have the employee’s attendance record. Gather personal observations about the employee from her co-workers, supervisors and customers.

Conducting a Post Appraisal

  1. During an employee's post appraisal, review your findings about the employee with him. Let him know what his position is supposed to do for your business, and use your collected data to explain to him whether or not he fulfilled expectations for the position. This approach lets you keep each performance review objective, decreasing frustration on the part of employees who otherwise might feel their appraisal was based on favoritism or other unfair parameters.

Using Post-Appraisal Information

  1. After you give an employee the results of her post appraisal, let her know whether or not she will be retained, promoted or given a bonus or salary increase. If you decide to retain her, conduct a re-evaluation of her expected performance for the next review period, including a review of her job description and objective goals that must be met.

    Use the information gathered during the course of the year, as well as employee feedback during post appraisals, to re-evaluate each position. Changing an employee’s job description and goals may be necessary based on job performance, her explanation of why she performed at the level she did, feedback from co-workers and clients and other data you gather, such as industry trends or forecasts.