Goals of a Team Leader

Businesses form teams to achieve an objective that improves the quality of a service or product, reduces waste, or removes inefficiencies in a process. Successful teams have a strong leader who can guide the group toward the objective or goal. The goals of the team leader must align with the objective of the project and lead the team toward its mission.

Facilitate Communication

  1. Team leaders can monitor group meetings to ensure every team member has an opportunity to communicate with the rest of the group. Leaders should schedule regular meetings to update the group on the progress of the project and record minutes for members unable to attend. Team leaders also must provide updates to sponsors of the project or upper management. When teams change processes to improve quality, reduce defects or increase efficiency, leaders should communicate those changes to affected workers. Communication also requires leaders to listen to the concerns and ideas of workers, team members and upper management.

Motivate Team Members

  1. Team leaders can use goals to motivate the members of a project team. The project goals must align with the objective of the project and move the group forward toward its end. To motivate team members, leaders should include them in the goal-setting process. Providing a supportive environment by providing resources such as materials, assistance and information, also can motivate the members of a team. Motivating and providing support to the team should be the goal of leaders.


  1. The team leader’s goals also must include the development of a plan to achieve the objective of the project. Team leaders can brainstorm with the group to develop a plan for the team project. Plans should include tasks and assignments for each member of the team. Team leaders also must distribute assignments among the team members according to each member’s skills and talents. Assigning the right team members to the appropriate assignment should be a project goal for team leaders.

Tracking Progress

  1. To assure the success of a project, team leaders should monitor the progress of each team member and the overall progress of the project. Evaluating the group’s success at various stages in the project ensures the team stays on track and reaches the conclusion on time and within a budget. The goal of team leaders is to ensure the project is moving forward toward completion.