How to Bring Together Employees

Bringing employees together to understand what it takes work in tandem is critical to achieving your company's success. Communicating this to your employees clearly and effectively will everyone become a cohesive unit dedicated to hitting sales goals and meeting project deadlines while appreciating one another's talent and achievements. It takes a delicate balance to foster employee individuality while creating a nurturing, team-focused corporate environment, but the rewards will make it worthwhile.

  1. 1.

    Embrace employees' individual personalities. Your office will be filled with a variety of dispositions and backgrounds, each person offering different value to your organization.

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    Communicate honestly with employees and encourage feedback. Keep employees in the loop about the health of the company, their individual department and their place within both. Let employees know what you expect -- this also shows them you value their intelligence. Ask employees for thoughts, opinions and possible solutions to problems.

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    Cultivate a team atmosphere and encourage employees to pitch in to help one another. If an employee has completed his task, encourage him to help another employee to finish hers so you can both start on something new. Encourage everyone to practice this philosophy, which serves the purposes of accomplishing tasks faster, cross-training all employees and creating cooperative bonds among employees.

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    Encourage volunteering and charity. Choosing a charity or a cause brings together employees for a common goal and gives them a chance to rally together. Whether your employees work together in fund raising, participating in a 5k running race, assisting the elderly or starting a recycling program, a sense of doing something positive for someone other than themselves or even the company breeds closeness.

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    Start an after-work social gathering at a consistent time and place, inviting all employees to attend. Whether it's a softball or kickball team, a running club, or a knitting club, let employees know that you want them to grow closer beyond their work setting.

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    Celebrate company and employee milestones. Whether your organization or an individual employee has an anniversary on the horizon, make that milestone special. Include your staff in planning these celebration.